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After a storm, policy holders turn to their insurance company to restore their property to the condition it was prior to the weather event.  When damage claims have been denied or underpaid the next step is to contact Bagby Injuy Law.  Will fight to recover every dollar possible so that after we win there is enough money for those hardworking roofers and contracts to get the job done right.

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Homeowners Insurance for Hail Damage

Hail and wind combined can cause massive amounts of property damage. Roofs, chimneys, siding, and windows are vulnerable to the destructive nature of a hail storm.

Actual Cash Value (ACV) is the actual replacement cost for the damaged property minus the depreciation of value that your property already had for wear and tear.  You will be responsible for paying the difference.

Replacement Cost Value (RCV) is the amount it will cost to replace any of the damaged properties. You may have to prove to your insurance provider that you have repaired the damage in order to receive the full amount.

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About Hail Insurance Deductibles

Insurance policies will pay varying amounts to repair or replace any damaged property for your home or business, but you usually have to pay some of the cost yourself. This is called a deductible.   It is important to know that there are usually different deductibles for wind and hail damage. To find your deductible, review your insurance policy or call your insurance company representative.

Hail Insurance Claims Requirements

Hail insurance claims can be complicated and difficult to navigate, which is why hiring a hail damage attorney can be very beneficial.  Insurance companies require irrefutable proof that damage has been done by the hail or wind, and only that. If your home was damaged take pictures and videos of the damage to show that it was caused by hail.

Types of Hail Damage

Hail storms can cause quite a bit of damage. This damage, if not caught in the early stages, can lead to costly repairs and replacements in the future.

Some of this damage can include:

  • Roof damage: dents and cracks in your shingles, broken tiles, torn or missing asphalt shingles, and bruised, softened shingles.
  • Hail damage to your chimney and vents: leaks and future water damage.
  • Window damage: cracks, chips, torn screens, cracked glazing, and broken glass.
  • Siding damage: cracks, holes, loss of flexibility in vinyl siding, peeling paint, and dents to metal siding.
  • Gutter damage: dents, loosened screens and downspouts (which can lead to water leaks that cause foundation issues if not taken care of quickly)
  • Air conditioner system damage: hail damage to fins can restrict air flow, causing your house to warm up. The blades and fins of your unit can also be dented.

What to Do for Home or Business Hail Damage

If your home or business has been through a hail storm, there could be serious damage involved.  It is crucial after a hail storm to record and assess any storm damage that has occurred and fix anything that has been damaged.


  1. Document the Damage: In order to document hail damage, you can take photos and videos of anything that has been affected by hail.  This includes damage to your roof, such as torn shingles, damaged siding, water damage, broken windows, and anything else that may have been damaged.  This step is of utmost importance to prove to the insurance company that the damage was in fact caused by hail and not by normal wear and tear.
  2. Review Home Insurance or Business Insurance Coverage: The next step is to review and familiarize yourself with your insurance coverage. Remember, there is more than one type of claim: Actual Cash Value and Replacement Cost Value claims. Make sure you understand which type of insurance policy you have and what that means.
  3. Get a Third-Party Repair Estimate: You will need to seek an independent third-party contracting company or roofer to come and review the damage to your home. They will assess what has been done by the hail storm and give you an estimate of how much repairs or replacements will cost.
  4. Seek Help from a Bagby Hail Damage Attorney: Get assistance from a hail damage attorney to navigate the insurance claims process. We can help you understand what paperwork must be filed, filing deadlines, and provide legal advice.  Plus, a hail damage attorney can ensure that your insurance company fairly compensates you for the damage done by the hail storm.

At Bagby Law, your consultation is private and confidential. In some situations, we will even come to you to discuss your matter and perform a free case evaluation.