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We focus on the details of your unique case to maximize your recovery. How do we do this?

We investigate the cause of the accident.

We hire experts to determine how the accident could have been prevented.

We interact with the insurance companies.

We demand fair compensation.

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When you are hurt in an accident, dealing with insurance companies, hospitals, and other unexpected problems can be overwhelming. Bagby Law tackles these problems for you so you can focus on getting better.

We understand that dealing with insurance companies and who will pay your doctors bills can be confusing.

Medical expenses for treatments, therapy, and medications are often very extensive and costly. In order to protect yourself in the long term from the damaging effects of accident injuries, you should retain the representation of an experienced injury firm who knows how to navigate these factors to provide you honest straightforward advice.

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Accidents also create other problems, including financial losses from time spent away from work. We will fight for you and make sure the insurance company knows what you have lost through no fault of your own.

The knowledgeable attorneys of Bagby Law can protect you from an unfair settlement, and help ensure that you receive the compensation you need, even if your accident was caused by an uninsured motorist.

Through honest advice and solid work, Bagby Law fights for you in many types of accident cases.

Bagby Law focuses on the details of your accident and your goals.

At Bagby Law, your consultation is private and confidential. In some situations, we will even come to you to discuss your matter and perform a free case evaluation.